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San Diego Chapter NCGR Board of Directors
Tina Miles
Diane Ronngren
Vice President
Kelly O'Tillery
Tami Magaro
Shara Eisen
Recording Secretary
Donna Stellhorn
Web Director
Ralph Macintyre
San Diego Chapter of NCGR

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ETC Publishing
Metaphysical Books for Discerning Readers
ETC's newest book, Venus: Past-Present-Future Books and eBooks on Mind/Body/Spirit, Astrology, Practical Metaphysics, Spirituality, Energy Healing and more, to help you enjoy greater success in every pursuit: business, career, prosperity, relationships, happiness, personal growth and wellbeing. Visit our website for sample chapters and news on upcoming titles. And check out our Smart Marketing Booklets, get your personal message out into in the world.

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Plate Size Matters
How Kitchen and Restaurant Decor Affect Eating Habits
Donna Stellhorn Learn how plate size, color, utensil styles and the decor of your kitchen and dining affect what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. And how all of this affects you and your family's weight.

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Tarot Class
TAROT CLASS for Beginners & Intermediates.
for Beginners & Intermediates. 
Contact for details.
Pam Ciampi

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Rosicrucian Fellowship Mystery School
Spiritual Teaching and Healing
Rosicrucian Fellowship

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or 760-757-6600