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Saturday, May 16th, 11 am to 1 pm

Major Gains from Minor Aspects: The Quintile, Septile and Novile

with Larry Martin

Too many astrologers neglect the minor aspects. Although the Quintile is a 5th harmonic and much stronger than the 6th harmonic Sextile, it's routinely ignored. The Septile and Novile are gifts from the stars in their mathematics - but again, nearly unheard of. Do you enjoy empowering your clients - or yourself, for that matter, with a more detailed listing of a person's gifts? Add the Quintile, Septile and Novile to your repertoire of knowledgeable tools.

The 90 minute lecture covers just the three aspects above (all 12 harmonics will be mentioned). Examples and insights available from a collection of celebrity and client charts.


Larry Martin

Since 1992, Larry has appeared on both radio and television delivering insights with an emphasis on success and need fulfillment. His psychology degree background addresses 21st century problems with the speed and accuracy of astrology. From 1996 to 2000, he was the astrologer for People Magazine, charting hundreds of people online. He has been a speaker at the world astrology congress (Denver 2008), regional conferences (Seattle 2014), for Tony Robbins International in October 2014, and was awarded Speaker of the Year in Arizona in 2014 for his topic on Minor Aspects. He is the author of Astrology News by Larry Martin, which is read in 14 countries by hundreds of people, including those on Facebook. Larry currently lives in Tucson, delivering lectures and workshops in several states.

$8 for NCGR/SDAS/SCAN members
$12 for non-members

11 am to 1 pm

US Bank Building, Community Room
131 North El Camino Real (Ralphs Shopping Center) 
Encinitas, CA. 92024



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We would like our membership to send in names of aspiring young local astrologers that our chapter could sponsor for a 1-year NCGR membership for 1 year. Send a brief bio of the potential candidates to Diane Ronngren./p>


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